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A 30-Day Journey With Daily Breathwork Audio Tracks To Help You Unlock Greater Clarity, Focus, And Bring A Specific Vision To Life

Coming... June 2024

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Do you want a fun & engaging way to amplify your vision on a daily basis?

We’ve had some of the top business masterminds and over 1,500 entrepreneurs go through our Vision Amplifier Experience live. This is the first time we’re offering a guided, online experience for a small group of entrepreneurs and CEOs around the world so you can tap into a vision state on a daily basis and receive clarity on demand.

We will be opening enrollment for a small, intimate group of about 50 entrepreneurs in June 2024.

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Over the past several years, I’ve been a student of mindfulness training.

I’ve experienced The Vision Amplifier Experience multiple times, and I am always blown away. As entrepreneurs, we’re always looking for things to help us uplevel our business and ourselves. At a certain point, it isn’t the new strategy, software, or tactic but rather a breakthrough from within that makes the difference. The Vision Amplifier Experience does just that and is an essential tool in my business and life toolbox.

– JJ Virgin

4X NYT Best-Selling Author, Fitness Hall of Fame, CEO of Mindshare Collaborative

I thank God daily for all the incredible results I’ve created in my life and business.

What’s ultimately behind it all is getting out of the limitations of my mind and into a new, higher-level, clear vision. I’ve invested in so many workshops, meditations, and programs, and there’s nothing else out there like The Vision Amplifier Experience.

–Lisa Sasevich

Founder of The Invisible Close

Testimonial Quote
Testimonial Quote

Every time I do The Vision Amplifier Experience it blows my mind.

I get clarity and insights I don’t get with regular meditation or breathwork.

– Djamel Bettahar

Co-founder of Organifi.com

The Vision Amplifier Experience is a powerful modality for entrepreneurs and leaders.

I love what Alex & Jennifer have created.

–Dave Asprey

Father of Biohacking & Founder of Upgrade Lakes,
Biohacking Conference, and 40 Years of Zen

Testimonial Quote
Testimonial Quote

I truly can't say enough great things about Vision Amplifier Experience.

I attend between 8-10 conferences a year, and when I attended Jennifer and Alex’s live Vision Amplifier session, it was by far the most impactful and memorable conference moment I’ve ever experienced.

– Emily Lark

Founder/CEO of Back To Life & Tiger
21 Member Testimonial Quote

This multi-sensory experience will help you get out of your head and into your body.

I love it, and I couldn’t recommend them more highly!!

–Alok Appadurai

CEO & Founder of Uplift Millions

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